Deliver great apparel that tells the story of the Gulf of Mexico, and keep that story going for as many generations as possible.



My family relocated to Gulfport, FL when I was 11 years old. I had always loved fishing but there was something different about the Gulf of Mexico. It didn’t hurt to be within walking distance of the shores either. I would fish, crab and camp on the shoreline with the Sunshine Skyway bridge behind me. My love of the Gulf really came in my teens though. That’s when my buddies and I met Capt. Fred.

His bloodshot eyes, leathery skin, knowledge of the waters and what lived in it kept us on the hook. We couldn’t wait for the next story or trip on the boat. He taught us to respect and love the Gulf like he did.

“Respect her. Care for her. Only take what you need.”

I never forgot that. I guess everyone didn’t have a Capt. Fred because our Gulf has had oil spills, overfishing, and tons of trash.



All sales support non-profits, charities and groups who are dedicated to keeping the Gulf clean so our children’s children can appreciate all that she has to offer. We will also be supporting local anglers and recreational fishing efforts.



We’re highlighting local artists to tell the story with us. These artists deserve to be known. We want to share their work with people who appreciate the great art they make. Each artist will have their limited-edition works featured on apparel, accessories and prints when available.

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